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Sunlight's upholstery cleaning insures that your furniture and area rugs look GREAT!

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Over time and wear, upholstery can become dingy, stained, spotted and dull. Colors can become faded and look bland. Sunlight upholstery cleaning services deliver deep cleaning that restores a Like New Look to your furniture. Bleeding, fading and/or brown out is eliminated.

Sunlight is ready to satisfy all your apartment, home, office and/or commercial building upholstery furniture cleaning needs. Our multi-step cleaning system goes above and behind what others offer. This includes:

  • A Dry/Wet/Dry method that prevents the fabric from getting too wet.
  • Apply top quality cleaners proven to break up and suspend all stains, dirt and soils
  • Scrub up the fabric with lamb's wool mitts and applicable brushes with textures to match your upholstery blend
  • Steam clean with selected quality brightners and fiber rinse
  • We finish with a Dry Vac to ensure proper moisture removal and dry furniture

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Prolong and increase the investment you have made in your furniture. Get cleaner, fresher, brighter furniture. Sunlight's upholstery cleaning insures that your furniture and area rugs look GREAT!

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